Research and Narratives developed during

Triángulo de Sacrificio


The artwork as a witness 

Error is the ordering principle of reality.

Failure as perfection, error as success.



Cavitations, displacements, development and realization of a work.


First prototype of drip system

Development of the drip system

T.O.S. | Electronic | Design by: Víctor Mazón Gardoqui

Digital Baroque

Digital Baroque

About sculpture and its relationship with excess:
The mestizo baroque style was the fusion of indigenous elements typical of the Andes with the European baroque. Recovering this aesthetic is interesting as a counterpoint to the digital aesthetic that seeks new imaginaries and ponders avant-garde proposals. It also represents an extractivist imprint that has been maintained over the centuries. While academia and the arts speak of the decolonial, the economy and consumption of the global north continues to be colonial and baroque. It tends to excess in the volumes of consumption; energy, food, clothing, entertainment. Everything turns out to be little, there is a desire for more. The sculpture shows parts of the territory of the lithium triangle that will be destroyed by the demand for thousands of tons of lithium that aim to preserve the social choreographies of excess.
First coins minted in Potosí
First coins with world value, minted in Potosí.

First phase in the engraving workshop

Sculpture color and texture study

Extraction as tradition

The territory surrounding the Lithium Triangle was historically plundered by mining projects. Between southern Bolivia and northern Argentina and Chile, wars and constant disputes took place over the centuries. Mega-mining projects have been present since colonization: gold, copper, silver, tin, saltpeter, guano, lithium are some of the extracted goods.
Since we have decided to divide the sculpture into three sculptures, we will use a different metal in each sculpture, this in representation of the mineral diversity of the territory.
Below are some photographs of different mines in the tripartite territory.

Chile| Chuquicamata mine | 22º19’03»S68º54»09W2757m


Bolivia| Cerro Rico Mine| 19º37’8»S 65º 44′ 59»W, 4782 m


Argentina|Bajo de la Alumbrera Mine| 27°18’44″S 66°31’18″W 2,559 m

Divide and conquer

Sketch of the Triangulo de Sacrificio sculpture

Sketch of the Triángulo de Sacrificio sculpture.

The Lithium Triangle is an ecosystem that shares the salt flats and the volcanic puna.
The race for energy transition and electromobility makes lithium a strategic resource. Leftist and rightist governments have positioned themselves at different extremes, in addition to the strong investments of transnational corporations that invest in the energy transition business, these geopolitical interests stress the triangle.
We will divide the sculpture into three parts to represent the different extractivist processes faced by each extreme.


Exar, Jiangxi Ganfeng, Lithium Americas, JEMSE,YLB, Eramet, Zijín, Posco, Pluspetrol, Livent, Lithium Americas Corp., Soquimich Sociedad Química y Minera (SQM), Cyprus Foote Corporation, Sociedad Chilena del Litio Ltda.,Catl Brunp & Moc (CBC), Allkem, Alpha Lithium, Argentina Litio y Energía, Citic Guoan, Uranium One Group…

Altiplano Skin


El Altiplano es inmensurable como un recuerdo.
Piel de kirquincho, toca con sus extremos las cuatro puntas del cielo,
sopla su densa brisa de bestia.
El Altiplano es resplandeciente como un acero.
Su soledad de luna, tambor de las sublevaciones,
solfatara de las leyendas.
Pastoras de turbiones y pesares,
las vírgenes de la tierra alimentan la hoguera de la música.
Los hombres, en el metal de sus cabellos,
asilan el caliente perfume de los combates.
Altiplano rayado de caminos y de tristeza
como palma del minero.

El Altiplano es frecuente como el odio.
Ciega, de pronto, como una oleada de sangre.
El Altiplano duro de hielos
y donde el frío es azul como la piel de los muertos.
Sobre su lomo tatuado por las agujas ásperas del tiempo
los labradores aymaras, su propia tumba a cuestas,
con los fusiles y la honda le ahuyentan pájaros de luz a la noche.
La vida se les tiza de silencio en los fogones
mientras las lluvias inundan sus huesos y el canto del jilguero.

Altiplano sin fronteras,
desplegado y violento como el fuego.

Sus charangos acentúan el color del infortunio.
Su soledad horada, gota a gota, la piedra.

Intervención al poema de
Oscar Cerruto

The starting point

The proposal was based on a central sculpture representing the Lithium Triangle, above it a dripping system of a saline solution. This system reacts with the data of the extraction of lithium carbonate from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. The weight of lithium is multiplied by the amount of liters of water needed for its production.
1 T. Li2CO3 = 2,000,000 L. H2O
The sculpture and the drip system were surrounded by an inverse audio piece made with sounds, voices and manifestations above and below the audible range recorded in the lithium triangle.
The sculpture will be transformed by the effects of the saline substances that fall on it and the aurality generated will be corrupted by the data from the lithium extraction in real time.The work expresses the process of deterioration of the sacrifice zone.

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