Digital Baroque

About sculpture and its relationship with excess:
The mestizo baroque style was the fusion of indigenous elements typical of the Andes with the European baroque. Recovering this aesthetic is interesting as a counterpoint to the digital aesthetic that seeks new imaginaries and ponders avant-garde proposals. It also represents an extractivist imprint that has been maintained over the centuries. While academia and the arts speak of the decolonial, the economy and consumption of the global north continues to be colonial and baroque. It tends to excess in the volumes of consumption; energy, food, clothing, entertainment. Everything turns out to be little, there is a desire for more. The sculpture shows parts of the territory of the lithium triangle that will be destroyed by the demand for thousands of tons of lithium that aim to preserve the social choreographies of excess.
First coins minted in Potosí
First coins with world value, minted in Potosí.