The territory surrounding the Lithium Triangle was historically plundered by mining projects. Between southern Bolivia and northern Argentina and Chile, wars and constant disputes took place over the centuries. Mega-mining projects have been present since colonization: gold, copper, silver, tin, saltpeter, guano, lithium are some of the extracted goods.
Since we have decided to divide the sculpture into three sculptures, we will use a different metal in each sculpture, this in representation of the mineral diversity of the territory.
Below are some photographs of different mines in the tripartite territory.

Chile| Chuquicamata mine | 22º19’03»S68º54»09W2757m


Bolivia| Cerro Rico Mine| 19º37’8»S 65º 44′ 59»W, 4782 m


Argentina|Bajo de la Alumbrera Mine| 27°18’44″S 66°31’18″W 2,559 m